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Though we are located in Rio Linda, California, we welcome customers worldwide. Our customer base currently includes Canada, Mexico, and Australia. We encourage all nonlocal customers to use our shipping accessable repair.

Step 1: Go to a local tire shop and have the tire unmounted. Any local tire shop has a tire unmounting machine.

Step 2: Print out the shipping form found here (click on this link) and fill it out with your information and description of the repair you need done to your rim(s).

Step 3: Pack the rim up into a box just slightly bigger then it making sure there is no room for the rim to move around in. Bubble wrapping the rim is always a plus and ensures no extra damage done to it. Put the invoice inside along with the rim.

Step 4: At your shipping office of choice, make sure you include a return shipping label inside the box.

Step 5: Ship us the wheel, we will give you a call as soon as we receive it.
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Damaged Rim Repair

Wheel Refinishing

Aluminum Rim Repair

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