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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I were to ship you a rim, what would the turn-around time be?
A: Less than 24 hours. We get started on your rim the same hour we receive it.

Q: Do you polish rims? If so, how much?
A: Yes we do! Depending on the diameter of the rim, prices can start from $50 and go as high at $150 per rim.

Q: My rim is cracked, can you weld it?
A: Most of the time, yes. We can weld any crack except cracks on the spokes because it's not safe. If that were the case we can help you find a replacement.

Q: My polished rims have severe curb rash, can you fix them?
A: Yes. We'll weld on new alloy, lathe the rim, and polish it making it look brand new again.

Q: Since what year have you been in business?
A: Since 1995.

Q: Can you repair chrome wheels?
A: Yes we can. We can repair it without damaging the chrome. In vary slight cases, the chrome may become a little discolored.

Q: Are you open on weekends?
A: Yes, by appointment only. Please call ahead and schedule an appointment with us
at (888) 813 - RIMS.

Q: Can my rims be painted a different color?
A: Yes. Due to so many different kinds of rims on the market, and your own preferences of what you would like painted, it is good to bring your rims by for an inspection and quote before re-painting.







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